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Sparking little kids

to do big things. 

Little things make ripples.

Pint-sized people make waves.

Livia Beasley: An original mind, cross-pollinated with honed creative skills, and driven by a genuine dedication to the kid audience.  Well known and well loved by all in the children’s media community, she is poised for genuine success.

– Amy Friedman, Head of Kids & Family, Warner Bros

Alexis is one of those rare talents who combines both creative genius with solid brand strategy and management. Her creative output builds the brand, solves the problem, and addresses the client's needs without sacrificing the creative. And, she's a great manager--of people, crews, projects and budgets. I watched her recruit, lead and retain one of the most talented creative teams in the business. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious--people simply love working with and for Alexis.

-- Laura Sullivan, SVP Marketing and Branding

Projects like these require people who not only know their craft but bring a positive attitude to the process at any hour. This attitude truly helps the projects in removing stress and fostering the best creative. Corey has this attitude and work ethic in spades.

--Colin McGreal, Creative Director

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