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Whether it be through program development, production, or strategic and creative consulting,

Pixel & Pebble embraces the power and reach of children’s media to encourage children to get their feet wet in the natural world, let their imaginations run free, and reach for the stars.


Our in house capabilities range from program development, script writing, live action and mixed media production, and post production. Pixel & Pebble expands our production capabilities into animation, audio, and digital media by working in collaboration.


We love to create original properties inspired to address children's needs and to help our clients expand worlds, characters, and big ideas around books, apps, games, and toys.


Production Capabilities:

  • Live Action and Puppet Production

  • Documentary Production

  • Mixed-Media Animation 

  • Editing, Graphics, and Visual Effects

  • Music and Podcast Supervision


Creative Capabilities:

  • Brand Strategy 

  • Creative Consulting

  • Creative Bible Writing

  • Script Writing

  • Promotional and PSA Writing

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