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"Livia has an ultra rare combination of get-it-done organizational skill and unbridled, imaginative creativity… She’s a star, and her work has driven and will continue to drive the kids’ media industry."

– Lucas Mills, Story Editor, Dreamworks


"She really loves creating positive, uplifting, original creative programming for kids.  I have no doubt that, when given the support, Livia will accomplish some very positive, very good things … especially for the next generation of children."

– Lisa O’Brien, VP, NBC Universal Kids


"I had the privilege of meeting Livia Beasley as she kicked off her first non-profit organization, Women in Children’s Media (now CMA).  Livia’s vision, determination and undying persistence nurtured, loved and willed that organization (and its members!) to success. She is a true leader!"

– Claire Curley, Head of Kids and Animation, Hello Sunshine


"I have never met anybody in my 20 years of production that has more energy or enthusiasm for what they do than Livia. Livia is also very creative and a super human."

– Carl Adams, Partner and Director of Development, Clambake Animation


"She really cares about kids and the beautiful work she does comes so naturally that you have little doubt that it is what she was put on this earth to do."

– Jordan Geary, Director of Creative Development, Sesame Workshop


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